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Tune in every Thursday evening from 9pm and kick-start your weekend with career advice that could give your professional path a much needed boost. Every week, Shane Phillips, a leading executive search consultant, will chat to the regions’ leading CEOs and businessmen, charting their own personal success stories and providing those all-important occupational tips. It’s also a chance to step in to the Career Clinic, with real life case studies and world class management strategies to help combat career crises and to get guidance on how best to rise through the employment ranks. And if you’d like to be involved in the show, then send your questions, queries or very own quest for career contentment to 4001. Alternatively, you can mail eyeoncareers@dubaieye1038.ae.

Tune in Thursday evenings from 9pm-11pm.

“There is no such thing as a career path. There are a series of opportunities and it is how you react to those opportunities that defines whether or not you succeed.”

Simon Cooper, Deputy Chairman & CEO HSBC Middle East

“I believe people should build skills sets that are “spikey” – unique skills and knowledge which can collectively create a mosaic of complementary profiles that deliver real value that people are willing to pay for. This is what transforms you into ‘human capital’, as distinct from a simple ‘human resource’”.

Rajeev Kakar, EVP & Regional CEO, CEEMEA Fullerton Financial Holdings (FFH)

“There should be a seamless fit between an executives capabilities and their strategic direction. Too often people are busy chasing opportunities in the market rather than allowing the opportunities which exist inside themselves to grow and blossom, and that is where true value creation lies.”

Cesare Mainardi, Global CEO Booz & Company

Here’s what some of our listeners have to say about Eye on Careers:

“I am writing from Spain, where I live, and where I regularly listen to Dubai Eye. I find it really very entertaining, and I feel one gets a very positive input. On this side of the world, because of the financial crisis, the media are quite the opposite, so tuning in to Dubai and its radically different reality is both refreshing and encouraging!”

– Sergio, Spain

“It’s a pleasure to write you while I am listening to your broadcast from gym in Sydney. Being a regular listener and indeed highly inspired by your valuable advices in the career clinic show you run every week.”

– Tanz, Sydney




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