Sunday, September 24, 2017

Eye on Health on #DubaiToday: Neuropsychologist Dr. Matser

From 11am, it´s Eye on Health and in the first hour, Suzanne Radford is joined by Dr Erik Matser, a visiting neuropsychologist from the German Neuroscience Center in Dubai Healthcare City. He has conducted research into how to identify and develop sporting talent. Different people display talent in different areas such as sports or mathematics, so are there general cognitive patterns that apply? Or do sportspeople display different cognitive behaviours to artists for example? We´ll find out!

And from 12pm, Suzanne is joined by nutritionist Kristin Fraser from Essentially, talking about their Raw Food Program.

Kristin is treating us to a vegan burger, tuna salad and lovely fresh juices.



Here he is a TED talk with Dr. Matser