Eye on Health on #Dubai Today, UAE Netball Association, Rugby, Women & Movember!

It’s Eye on Health on Dubai Today and Siobhan Leyden is sitting in for Sally Mousa. 

On today’s show during the first hour Siobhan is joined in studio by Susanne Skelding, Director of Sports at RU-Active. Susanne has been instrumental establishing the official UAE Netball Association and enabling Emirati Women to compete internationally as part of the Association. Chairman of the Board of the UAENA Dr Omar Mohammed Shams is also in studio alongside Apollo Perelini Founder & Director of Coaching at The Apollo Perelini Rugby Skills Academy and former international rugby union and rugby league professional who trains the female UAE rugby team. 

All in studio celebrating and discussing the positive impact of sport in creating healthy, active and well balanced young women who can compete at an international level. 

During the second part of the show marking Movember the month where men’s health are highlighted throughout the month and Siobhan is joined in the studio 

Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid – Clinical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist at The Priory Wellness Centre, Dubai. Dr. Hamid has 30 years of experience in psychiatry and is in studio discussing men’s mental health – and what you can do to help yourself or your any of the men in you life.




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