Everything You Heard Today On #TheTicket & KolKata, India For 2,500Dhs

On The Ticket we’re lucky enough to visit some of the destinations we want to introduce you to on the show but we can’t always go together. We’ve been back and forth on deciding who gets to go off to Montreal and Toronto this weekend. Do we flip a coin? do we crumple up bits of paper with our name? Do we let our boss decide who’s best suited? After much deliberation (3 minutes) we decided to let you decide. We left it in the hands of the texts and I came up trumps on this occasion. Richard came on and told Mark it had to be me, because it was educational. I not sure which road he was off down with that, but who cares, I get to go to Canada. Big thank you to everyone who text us!

In the travel news you need to know today;

has integrated the latest available technologies on its mobile app to give Muslim travellers a simple way to find prayer times and locations whether on air, land or sea. It instantly calculates the prayer times for wherever you are, the distances for nearby mosques and the time it will take to reach them. It’ll also tell you whether you can reach your hotel in time for prayers. It’s a free app. available for ios and android.

Teaming up with HIPSTER brand Manhattan Portage, who make really cool bags Airline JetBlue have decided to upcycle their old uniforms. Ties, scarves, shirts, and other garments will be now reborn as durable bags and they go on sale TODAY… They are limited edition so if you want one you’ll have to be snappy!

Today saw the first of our new fortnightly feature Juvenile Journeys. Travelling with kids can be the most rewarding and exciting thing you do as a parent. It can also be the most stressful and exhausting thing! Dani Wilson-Navqi from Sassy Mama Dubai will be at hand each fortnight to answer all of your questions about travelling with kids. She’s well qualified, she’s a mum of 3 under 3! This afternoon, she brought along Miranda from Phil & Teds. Thanks for all of your questions, we had so many, we ran out of time. 

We’re got operatic with Jordanian Zeina Barhoum, a classically trained Soprano. She even sang us our very own show opener. We Periscoped the whole thing too. If you don’t have the Periscope app yet, make sure you get it, quick smart! We’ll be using it a lot to give you the full benefit of our show. You can see Zeina live, this Saturday, at Madinat Theatre. After our chat we put Zeina’s lovely mum in charge of taking a group photo. She’s not an iPhone geek but we got there in the end. 


Steven from Destinations Of The World News brought in his list of ‘5 Things Mark & Stef Can’t Afford To Do This Week’. On there Quintessentially Lifestyle are celebrating their 15th birthday and 11 years in Dubai. They do everything and anything you can image for the rich amongst us. One chap has his beef flown in from London for 890Dhs KG. That’s not including the flight. They seriously will do anything! He also had all the details on Rupert Murdoch’s New York penthouse which could be yours for a cool 264million Dhs. 

There was the ‘art lovers’ dream holiday – 12 global locations that inspired masterpieces for 118,875Dhs and the rather reasonably priced Game Of Thrones inspired Spanish vacation for a mere 8,811Dhs. The fifth was the world’s most expensive driving tour which includes a Bugatti Veyron, of course it does! That would only bleed your bank account of 255,052Dhs

If you haven’t heard Something For The Weekend, it’s always worth tuning in for. How does it work? We find you somewhere interesting to escape Dubai to, for the weekend. We work out how to get there, how much it’ll cost, what there is to do, and find you somewhere awesome to stay. This week we put together a weekend in Kolkata, India. We recommend you check out the Oberoi Grand where you can get a deluxe room for 507Dhs. It was the first Oberoi in the Oberoi empire and it’s beautiful. 









There are some fantastic things to see and do in Kolkata, more than enough to fill a weekend. These are our top picks;

Mullik Ghat Flower Market under the Howrah Bridge

Maidan Park with British built Fort William right in the middle of it. That’s The Victoria Memorial in the background. Also worth a look. It’s a museum now.










St Paul’s Cathedral. Not the luckiest of places. It’s been rebuilt twice following earthquake damage. 

                                                                        BBD Square











Mother Teresa House

                                                                        South Park Street Cemetery











Terreti Morning Market Bazar

                                                                        Dakshineswar Kali Temple 














Also, try and squeeze in dinner at Bohemian, next to Ballygunge Park. They’ve had some amazing reviews and dinner will cost you less than 50Dhs for 2 people. 

We found a direct Emirates flight which leaves at 2.05am on Friday morning. You arrive in Kolkata at 8am so you have the full day but you skip the accommodation costs for Friday night. The flight takes you 4hrs and you leave Kolkata at 8.30pm getting back into Dubai at midnight, ready for work on Sunday. 2,075Dhs

We’re back tomorrow from 2pm with our Dartboard Destination, Gozo!

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