#DubaiToday with Helen Farmer and how to wear your ….. baby!

Helen is talking  how to wear your baby with Sarah Landers and why it’s a good thing to literally wear your baby – and it’s not just for the newborns.

Attachment parenting often hits the headlines and on the show today hearing all about the overall approach to the this parenting trend as opposed to a perceived full on co-walking, co-sleeping, co-eating, co-being, co-breathing, co-existing attachment parenting! 

For the second hour it’s our weekly visit to the Vet Clinic with The Animal House. We are joined in studio by two experts today – Dr Katrin Jahn and Dr, Stephanie Romyn, Scientific Sales Advisor based at the Saint Vincent Group, so get your questions in  – they are here to help and will offer all of their lovely advice for free! 



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