#DubaiToday: Financial Advice and The Animal House

Helen Farmer talks to Keren Bobker, Senior Partner at Holborn Assets, about her 500th article for The National, what teenagers should know about money and takes your questions about finances as the summer approaches.

Following that is this week’s Animal House with Dr Sara Elliot from the British Veterinary Hospital and Aimee Orme, Animal Behaviourist from Pawfect Behaviour. Helen is discussing this week’s animal stories including the sad passing of Koko the gorilla, at the age of 46. Koko was taught sign language by the animal psychologist, Penny Patterson and knew over 1000 signs.

As usual you have the chance to win two months supply of pet food with our mystery animal competition with Royal Canin. Send in your answers with the Dubai Eye app or by texting 4001. 



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