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Toddlers: How Do We Know When They Are Ready For School?

03 June 2018: It is that time of read more

03 June 2018: It is that time of the week for some Parenting Chat and Helen Farmer is joined in studio by Siog Moore who is a neonatal nurse by profession and completed a foundation degree in Early Years last year. Siog is a mother of four grown up children and founder of Little Land Nursery and Montessori Centre in Um Suqeim. Siog has been in Dubai for 30 years and opened Little Land 24 years ago in 1994. Also joined by Sarah Rogers who has been in Dubai for 25 years and is an education expert and currently gives parenting talks at her training Centre, Quest Direct and has 2 grown up children now in the UK. Sarah used to teach at JESS and now provides excellent training courses for nursery teachers and CPD for primary teachers with Quest Direct Dina Butti makes up the final part of the panel as mother of two small children, broadcaster and blogger Dina Butti and they are all talking toddlers today.


Parenting Today: Preemie Babies

27 May 2018: Helen Farmer speaks to parents of read more

27 May 2018: Helen Farmer speaks to parents of preemie babies about their journey from pregnancy, to birth including the hardships involved. She is joined by Joanne Hanson Halliwell from the Small and Might Babies Group, Lala Langtry White, mum of four including preemie twins, Sophie Page whose daughter was born at 24 weeks giving her a 20% chance of survival and Clare Curtis who went into labour at 31 weeks whilst on holiday. 


Parenting Today: Maternal Mental Health

20 May 2018: Helen Farmer is joined in read more

20 May 2018: Helen Farmer is joined in studio by Kaya Scott, Founder and Editor of Sassy Mama, Andrea Guy from Out of the Blues, and Cecile de Scally, Lead Midwife Educator from Malaak Mother and Baby Care, and all are in studio talking Maternal Mental Health. They discuss all of the latest parenting news stories hitting the headlines, they are here to share your stories, hear your views, offer advice and always on hand to support.


Talking Parents and Being On The Receiving End Of Judgements

29th April 2018: From over hearing a tut read more

29th April 2018: From over hearing a tut while you’re waiting to pay for something in the queue at the supermarket to hearing unwanted ‘advice’ from family, friends and, lest we forget, the complete strangers - we’re talking Parents and being on the receiving end of judgements. Helen Farmer is joined in studio by Dina Butti, Tabarak Razvi, Film director father of eight and eighteen year olds and Dr. Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director at Lighthouse Arabia.


Parenting Today - Parenting Guilt 22.04.2018

Do you feel parental guilt? Helen Farmer has read more

Do you feel parental guilt? Helen Farmer has been making a very long list of all the ways in which she feels guilty as a parent. She is joined in studio by Mustafa Y Koita from Koita Foods, Charlotte Boghesi from Children's Oasis Nursery and Cassie Destino founder of IVF Support UAE.


Parenting Today - Self-Protection for Children 15.04.2018

Helen is joined in studio by Dr David read more

Helen is joined in studio by Dr David Lee – Consultant Clinical Psychologist at HealthBay Holistic Centre and Clinical Director for Autism Rocks Support Centre, Wael Al-Sayegh, UAE National and Chief Instructor of the Family Martial Arts Leadership Academy in Dubai and Dr Samia Kazi, CEO of Arabian Child. Discussing all of the latest parenting news hitting the headlines, from Free Range Parenting to Slime, we cover it all! We are also discussing Stranger Danger and how to equip your children to protect themselves if they are in a tricky situation.


Parenting Today - Touching on the Sensitive Topic of Spoilt Brats 08.04.2018

It is Parenting Today on DubaiToday with Helen read more

It is Parenting Today on DubaiToday with Helen Farmer and we’re talking families, children, parenting and it’s all about the chat and even some friendly advice along the way.  Talking all of the latest headlines from the world of parenting and also touching on the sensitive topic of Spoilt Brats From the spoilt brat behaviour to the needs versus the wants …. we’re covering it from all angles… how to avoid them, spot them and undo any damage you may have already done.  Helen is joined in studio by Christine Kritzas, Counselling Psychologist based at The Lighthouse Arabia, Dad of five and our very own Honey Man Riath Hamed and Mummy Blogger of Seashells on the Palm and Mother of 4, Edwina Viel. 


Parenting is already incredibly challenging but imagine when those challenges are multiplied by 2, 3, or more!

Multiple births are more common than ever, as more couples are having babies later in life or turning to fertility treatments, and on Parenting Today we’re exploring the world of multiples, and all the unique challenges and concerns of welcoming more than one baby into the family.

We are joined in the studio by Cecile de Scally, Lead Parent Educator at Malaak Mama and Baby Care, Dr Shola Faniran, Paediatrician at The Children’s Medical Centre, and Suman Manning, mum of triplets.

On Parenting Today we look back at the year for us as parents: the highs, the lows, what we learned and where we want to do better in future. Sally Mousa is joined in the studio by panel experts Dr Rose Logan, Clinical Psychologist, Parenting Expert & Head of Early Years Practice at The LightHouse Arabia, as well as author and mother-of-four, Taghred Chandab.

For the second hour, our expert panel will be joined by international parenting expert Dr Shefali Tsabary, author of several New York Times best sellers including ‘The Conscious Parent’, ‘Out of Control’ and ‘The Awakened Family’. Dr Shefali is a Columbia University-trained clinical psychologist. Originally from India, she is considered a forerunner in the world of mindfulness and conscious parenting. U.S. television personality Oprah Winfrey has called Dr Shefali’s debut book, ‘The Conscious Parent’ “one of the most profound books on parenting she has ever read”.

Sally Mousa is joined in the studio for Parenting Today by Head of Occupational Therapy at Autism Rocks Support Centre Adam Griffin, Dr. Saliha Afridi, PsyD (US) Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director of Lighthouse Arabia, and Linda Bonnar, Life Coach and Author of Press Play. The panel on Parenting Today are discussing teens, and how to understand, support, nurture and help them through the tricky developmental years that are often a roller coaster ride that is not learnt over night! 

It’s Parenting Today and we look at the highs and the lows of being a parent in this day and age, and where you can address your issues and questions about raising kids with our expert panel. Whatever stage you’re at, whether it’s newborn or a teenager in the house, or anything in between, we can help you make it all a bit easier, especially on the days when you feel like pulling your hair out. Sally Mousa is joined in the studio today by international parenting coach, and co-author of the book Raising Happy and Healthy Children, Andalene Salvesen aka Supergranny, Dr. Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director at Lighthouse Arabia, and Maysaa Fahour, teacher, blogger, and mum of 4.

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