Dubai Today: Fitness for the Summer and The Animal House

Helen Farmer welcomes in Keith O’Malley-Farrell and Matt Cotterill from The Physical Training Company to our lovely new studios to discuss fitness tips and inspiration as well as discussing a range of health and fitness stories, including the largest fatberg found in the UK. A fatberg is a congealed mass of fat and flushed matter such as wipes, nappies and sanitary products as well as grease and cooking fat that threatens to block up the sewer pipes. In September last year a fatberg was found in the sewers of East London. It was 250-metre-long and weighed over 130 tonnes, which is approximately the weight of 19 African elephants! Forensic analysis revealed that cooking fat is the biggest contributor to the crisis, making up nearly 90% of the sample. It also showed a higher concentration of prohibited gym supplements than illegal street drugs. Helen will be talking about dangerous fitness and diets pills, unhealthy gym supplements and the best ways to make progress on your fitness. 

In the second hour it is this week’s Animal House. Dr Katrin Jahn, General manager and head vet at German Veterinary Clinic and Dr Stephanie Romyn, Scientific Sales Advisor at St Vincent Group will both be in studio to answer your pet related questions, discuss this week’s animal news stories and give you the clues for this week’s mystery animal competition for your chance to win two months supply of pet food with Royal Canin.

You can contact us with your questions or your guesses for the competition by using the Dubai Eye app or texting 4001. To speak to our experts live call the studio on 048715500.


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