Dubai looking at ‘policing without policemen’ approach

Dubai looking at 'policing without policemen' approach

Dubai is taking major steps to implement a “policing without policemen” approach.

The city’s police force have launched three unique projects aimed at keeping residents safe without the need for officers to be present on the ground 24/7.

They include setting up more CCTV cameras, deploying a surveillance blimp that oversees open spaces and replacing traditional police stations with smart stations.

“Sometimes in traditional policing measures, valuable time is lost in identifying and arresting criminals,” said General Abdullah Al Merri, Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief.

“With the disruptive innovation that we propose through our new projects that deploy the latest technologies, we aim to scale up operational efficiency. These projects will serve as effective tools that help us achieve our goal of serving our people. In this, we will leverage international best practices that will benefit the community and the police force.”

The projects are part of the Dubai 10X initiative, which seeks to position all of the city’s government entities 10 years ahead of the rest of the world in all sectors.

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