Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Drive Live Team

Informative storytelling, intelligent debate and easy entertainment… Drive Live aims to fulfil each of these objectives, acting as the ideal accompaniment to your drive home. With a mixture of local news, business, and sport, Tim Elliott and Alex Hirschi add international relevance to events taking place on your doorstep, providing crucial context to local content. Each afternoon the show addresses the real issues impacting listeners’ lives, with plenty of interaction to stimulate discussion on topical trends. Whether pondering the price of schooling, regulating real estate or predicting the result of the latest Premier League match, Drive Live ensures the conversation remains relevant. Additional features, interviews and live reports allow the team to provide full coverage of all of the UAE’s key events. Tim and Alex’s easy on-air banter means it is serious when it’s called for, in-depth when necessary and fun where appropriate.

Contact the show: Call: (Sunday-Thursday, 4-7PM): 04-4231010, SMS: 4001, email:


Tim Elliott

Tim Elliott is a journalist and broadcaster and has worked as a music and news radio presenter in his native London, the south of England and the UAE – since 1989.

Having spent the noughties working in financial media, based in Dubai, he made the switch back to radio in 2010… and now presents Dubai Eye’s ‘Drive Live’ show.

He’s trying hard to avoid employing too much management speak on the programme (he readily admits to not understanding words of more than two syllables) and is immensely proud of his Christmas list of Richard Dean’s favourite stock phrases and corporate mumbo jumbo.

In his spare time, Tim is essentially an unpaid chauffeur driving his Celtic-crazy son to football matches or his nine, going on 30, year old daughter to netball or gymnastics.

An old school music fan Tim cherishes the days when boxes and boxes of records ruled his life. He boasts a CD and mp3 collection that runs into the hundreds of thousands and still collects early 70s US funk.

Twitter: @DubaiTim
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Alex Hirschi

Alex grew up in Brisbane, Australia and has worked in broadcast journalism for six years.

Alex graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with bachelor’s degrees in both Journalism and Business with distinction.

Since then, she has worked as a television and radio presenter in Brisbane, Singapore and Dubai.

Alex also studied and worked in Hong Kong, and lived in Switzerland where she learned the local language in Bern, Swiss German.

Music is also a passion for Alex, as she learned the violin for many years, and achieved her Associate Music Diploma of Australia (AMUSA) before finishing high school.

Alex has been working with Dubai Eye 103.8 and the Arabian Radio Network for the past four years, across both news and programming.

Twitter: @Radiohirschi
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