Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Drive Live Podcasts

  • Latest News, 25.09.2017

    ARN reporter Maria Botros joins us in the studio to talk about new smart radars being installed in Dubai. Also, Mohd Suleman discusses food safety.

  • International Phoner, 25.09.2017

    Washington, D.C. correspondent Simon Marks talks to Tim and Natalie about the latest news stories out of the US.

  • Levelling the Playfield, 25.09.2017

    We speak to Brandy Scott from the Business Breakfast for an update about the second edition of Levelling the Playing Field.

  • Sports Update, 25.09.2017

    Robbie Greenfield joins us to talk about the latest sports news.

  • Legal Hour, 25.09.2017

    Our legal expert Ludmila Yamalova answers questions about mortgages and real estate.

  • Trending, 25.09.2017

    It's trending and music scoop!

  • Latest News, 24.09.2017

    Tim and Natalie speak to ARN reporter Maria Botros about a range of incentives being offered for electric car owners in Dubai.
  • Education Matters, 24.09.2017

    Tim and Natalie speak to an Moatassem Moatez and Rami Al Gamal, an alumni and current student respectively of the University of Manchester MBA program. 

  • Live Update STS Control Room, 24.09.2017

    Zeena Zalamea gives us the low down on school bus safety.

  • Behind the Wheel, 24.09.2017

    Imad Haddad from carswitch.com takes us Behind the Wheel to tell us about the UAE's top car brands.

  • Sports Update, 24.09.2017

    Chris McHardy joins us in the studio for the latest news on sports!

  • Industry Insider, 24.09.2017

    Chloe Hartwell, Renewables Marketing Director for GE in the region, is in the studio with Tim and Natalie to talk about the company's women's network.

  • Trending, 24.09.2017

    It's Trending and Music Scoop!

  • Trending, 20.09.2017

    It's Trending and Music Scoop! 

  • Interview with Eng. Salem Al Marri , 20.09.2017

    Tim and Natalie are joined by the Assistant Director General for Scientific and Technical Affairs at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) - Eng. Salem Al Marri. He’s excited about asteroid mining.