Saturday, March 25, 2017

Drive Live Podcasts

  • The Hook, 23.03.2017

    It’s the best of new and alternative music on The Hook with Saeed Saeed of The National and Nats from Dubai 92.

  • Lead News Stories, 23.03.2017

    We have updates on what to expect with the enforcement of a ban on electronic devices larger than a smartphone aboard US-bound flights.  Plus, we discuss an approved law that will require everyone sitting in a car in the UAE to wear a seatbelt or use a child safety seat.

  • Sport Update, 23.03.2017

    Robbie Greenfield looks ahead to the weekend’s sporting action.

  • Trending, 23.03.2017

    Stef is on “lease” this week and she’s got what’s Trending!

  • Tech Clinic, 22.03.2017

    Nick Rego, Senior Editor at, is here on Tech Clinic talking tech and Rubbish Kickstarters, as he also gives expert advice on your tech questions. 

  • International News Update, 22.03.2017

    CNN’s John Defterios is at Emirates Airline Headquarters speaking to the airline’s President, Sir Tim Clark, on the impact of a ban on electronic devices larger than a mobile phone as hand luggage on flights to USA. John shares insight on the interview.

  • Lead News Stories, 22.03.2017

    We follow a developing story on the ban of hand luggage in the form of electronic devices larger than a mobile phone on airline carriers from the Middle East into the USA and UK. 

  • Trending, 22.03.2017

    Don’t miss a moment of what’s Trending, plus, dance away to our Music Scoop

  • Sport Update, 22.03.2017

    Mc-Fields are here talking sport.

  • Career Connect 21.03.2017

    We discuss internships and current trends in the UAE job market with David MacKenzie, Managing Director at MacKenzie Jones Group and Mina Azad, Managing Partner and Founder, Azak Legal. 

  • Lead News Stories, 21.03.2017

    We closely follow a developing story where travelers are banned from carrying electronic devices larger than a mobile phone as hand luggage on travels to the USA.  Plus, we keep up to date with ongoing awareness campaigns ahead of VAT implementation.

  • Trending, 21.03.2017

    Is Stef on lease from the Ticket?  She’s got Trending for us.  Plus, don’t miss a moment of the Music Scoop.

  • International News Update, 21.03.2017

    Olly Barratt joins us from London with insights on stories happening in Europe.

  • Sports Update, 21.03.2017

    Robbie Greenfield is here talking sport.

  • Understanding Property, 20.03.2017

    Ludmila Yamalova is Managing Partner at HPL Yamalova and Plewka.  She joins us to give legal advice to your legal property questions.