Sunday, April 23, 2017

Drive Live Podcasts

  • Drive Live With Tim Clarke, 20.04.2017

    Brandy Scott is in conversation with the President of Emirates Airline, Sir Tim Clark, on the airlines decision to reduce flights to the USA.

  • Drive Live With GreenHeart Organic Farms, 20.04.2017

    In an ongoing series on small and medium scale enterprises, we speak to Elena Kinane, Managing Director, Greenheart Organic Farms on setting up a farming business in the desert. 

  • The Hook, 20.04.2017

    Listen to the best of new and alternative music on The Hook!

  • News Headlines, 20.04.2017

    We discuss findings of a new workplace report that reveals the most stressed out industries for UAE employees. 

  • International News Update, 20.04.2017

    Lorna Shaddick joins us from New York as we discuss US relations with North Korea.

  • Sport Update, 20.04.2017

    Robbie Greenfield talks sport and gets controversial on how Serena Williams pregnancy would affect her future career. 

  • Trending, 20.04.2017


  • Tech Clinic, 19.04.2017

    Nick Rego, Senior Editor at, joins us in studio as we dissect Rubbish Kickstarters, and talk through the latest tech news and innovations. 

  • Drive Live With Beehive UAE, 19.04.2017

    In a series of shows on small and medium sized enterprises, we are joined in studio by Craig Moore, the Founder & CEO of Beehive UAE, as he talks us through peer-to-peer financing.

  • News Headlines, 19.04.2017

    We discuss food allergies and how these allergic reactions can best be handled at schools.

  • International News Update, 19.04.2017

    CNN’s John Defterios is at the GCC Petroleum Forum.  We discuss oil and how to manage oil expectations in the media. 

  • Sport Update, 19.04.2017

    Robbie Greenfield has just returned from the Fourth Sports Industry Forum in Abu Dhabi, he shares details from the Forum.

  • Trending, 19.04.2017

    Trending takes us to Coachella.  We also round-up the day’s stories as Prince features on the Music Scoop with a tune from 1986.

  • Career Connect, 18.04.2017

    We discuss retirement and options for senior professionals with Toby Simpson, Managing Director at Gulf Recruitment Group, and Stuart Walker, Partner, Afridi & Angell Legal Consultants.

  • Drive Live With Goumbook, 18.04.2017

    We start off a series of shows on small and medium scale enterprises making a difference in the UAE. Tatiana Antonelli Abella, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Goumbook, joins us in studio for this first episode.