Monday, March 27, 2017

Drive Live Podcasts

  • Education Matters, 26.03.2017

    We discuss testing and publicly publishing school results with Simon O’connor, Principal at Jumeirah College and James Mullen, the Founder of

  • Industry Insider, 26.03.2017

    We are joined in studio by Thomas Lundgren, CEO, THE ONE as he talks us through 21 years into his home furniture and accessories stores.

  • Behind The Wheel, 26.03.2017

    We discuss car tires on Behind the Wheel with Osman Bhurgri, Marketing Manager Motors at Dubizzle.

  • Lead News Stories, 26.03.2017

    We discuss road safety and how to drive cautiously during wet weather conditions.

  • Sport Update, 26.03.2017

    Robbie Greenfield and Chris McHardy are here looking back at the Dubai World Cup and looking ahead to the week’s sporting action. 

  • Trending, 26.03.2017

    Brandy Scott is on "lease" from the Business Breakfast.  She’s got what’s Trending.  Plus, on our Music Scoop, we’ve got the number one song from back in the day.

  • The Hook, 23.03.2017

    It’s the best of new and alternative music on The Hook with Saeed Saeed of The National and Nats from Dubai 92.

  • Lead News Stories, 23.03.2017

    We have updates on what to expect with the enforcement of a ban on electronic devices larger than a smartphone aboard US-bound flights.  Plus, we discuss an approved law that will require everyone sitting in a car in the UAE to wear a seatbelt or use a child safety seat.

  • Sport Update, 23.03.2017

    Robbie Greenfield looks ahead to the weekend’s sporting action.

  • Trending, 23.03.2017

    Stef is on “lease” this week and she’s got what’s Trending!

  • Tech Clinic, 22.03.2017

    Nick Rego, Senior Editor at, is here on Tech Clinic talking tech and Rubbish Kickstarters, as he also gives expert advice on your tech questions. 

  • International News Update, 22.03.2017

    CNN’s John Defterios is at Emirates Airline Headquarters speaking to the airline’s President, Sir Tim Clark, on the impact of a ban on electronic devices larger than a mobile phone as hand luggage on flights to USA. John shares insight on the interview.

  • Lead News Stories, 22.03.2017

    We follow a developing story on the ban of hand luggage in the form of electronic devices larger than a mobile phone on airline carriers from the Middle East into the USA and UK. 

  • Trending, 22.03.2017

    Don’t miss a moment of what’s Trending, plus, dance away to our Music Scoop

  • Sport Update, 22.03.2017

    Mc-Fields are here talking sport.