On The Couch, Teens, Studying & Exam Stress on #DubaiToday

2018 is  fast moving into Spring, and for school age children it’s term 3.  For the older students that means Exam time. Teenagers and the state of their mental health are rarely out of the headlines – from suffering more anxiety than ever, to social media, the pressure of finding work, and graduating with debt.  But academic results aren’t necessarily a predictor of future job success.

Have you heard of Redshirting? Have you opted to hold your child back an academic year for their so called academic advantage? It could harm their Emotional Intelligence, which tends to be a better predictor of job success than academic performance.

Helen Farmer is joined in studio today by two experts – Chasity O’Conell from Human Relations Institute and Clinics and Sue Atkins, Parenting Expert and coach based in the UK, who are discussing our anxious teens and how to teach them how to cope with the pressures of exam stress. 

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