On the Couch On #DubaiToday Talks Men’s Health

On the Couch on #Dubai Today with Suzanne Radford joined in the studio by Dr Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist based at the Human Relations Institute & Clinics.

Marking International Men’s Health Week on the show today, the week is aimed to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and to encourage early detection and treatment, and prevention, of diseases and illnesses affecting males. 

Focusing on men’s mental health for On the Couch,  and the importance of dialogue when it comes to recognising the signs of depression or anxiety, and how to support the men in our lives who may need to talk and need some support and care. 

There are significant links between what we eat and mental health – if you suffer from anxiety you should completely eliminate caffeine. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed ADHD cut down on your sugar intake, and it is also worth nothing the amount of red meat you eat, as research has found that red meat contains a stress hormone that increases your stress levels – so in essence, increase your consumption of proteins, such as chicken and fish, fresh vegetables and fruit and drink lots of water! 

Dr Thoraiya specialises in depression anxiety and helps teenagers here in the UAE, and you can contact her here 

On hand to help, you can contact us on the phone on 04 423 1010 or via the free Dubai Eye Messenger APP or SMS to 4001. 

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