Chef Marco’s Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli, Creamy Truffle Sauce


100 grams of pasta dough
50 grams fresh cow’s ricotta cheese
10 grams grana padano
100 ml fresh cooking cream
truffle oil
fresh truffle (available in supermarket in jar)
100 grams fresh spinach
1 fresh egg


Wash the spinach, dry and saute with olive oil, salt and pepper.

When cold, chop and add to the ricotta, grana, egg and mix.

Flatten the dough and create a rectangle 10 x 50 cm.

Add a tea-spoon of the mixture keeping a distance of 3\4 cm around the edge.

Close the tortelli, cut with a round cutter, fold and cook in boiling water.

For the sauce boil the cream and let it reduce.

Add the cooked tortelli

When pasta and sauce are mixed plate and finish off with some fresh truffle shaved or grated.

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