Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Chef Anthony Reilly’s Seafood Minestrone Soup


200ml Shellfish stock

300ml Vegetable stock

50g Shrimp

50g Sea bass (or any other white fish)

20g Cherry tomatoes

30g Diced Carrots

30g Baby onions

30g Diced Zucchini

4 leaves of Fresh basil

10ml olive oil


In a pan heat the olive oil, add the diced carrots and cook for 5 mins, then add the zucchini and baby onions and cook for a further 3 mins, now add both stocks and bring to a simmer.

Add the shrimp and sea bass and cook for 6 mins.

Once the fish is cooked, add the tomatoes and check the seasoning.

Pour into a bowl, tear the fresh basil on top and finish with a little olive oil.