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A UAE cultural performance has been added to UNESCO’s safeguard list. The traditional Emirati performance art of Al-Azi is now part of the list of ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding’. The decision was taken during meeting being held on Jeju Island in South Korea. Al-Azi, a performance that reflects the UAE culture and Emirati […]

Dubai Police personnel will get training on the art of filmmaking at the ongoing Dubai International Film Festival. The two entities have signed an MoU aimed at strengthening the police’s coordination with the media industry. Police in the emirate have relied heavily on video footage and short films to convey their latest innovations and achievements […]

Health authorities have confirmed that the UAE is free of a pain killer that is being rumoured to contain a deadly virus. The Ministry of Health and Prevention say that Paracetamol Hasco B500, a pain reliever for children, has not been officially imported into the country. They’ve also warned residents not to circulate unverified news […]

The Air Wing of Abu Dhabi Police provided emergency assistance at a number of accident locations during the recent National Day holidays. Members of the air ambulance rescued a man who was injured in a crash between two vehicles in Al-Khazna area, and assisted a woman involved in an accident in Swehain. They also evacuated […]

Pamper your dogs but don’t forget to keep the city clean! That’s the main message of a cleanliness campaign by Dubai Municipality, reminding people to act responsibly while walking their dogs on the streets. Residents are being urged to clean up after their pets and are reminded to dispose the waste in designated areas only. Dog owners […]

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