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Over 92,000 tonnes of waste was collected from dedicated bins in Abu Dhabi during the Holy Month of Ramadan. That’s according to The Centre of Waste Management, who held a campaign promoting the importance of waste reduction, as well as avoiding overconsumption and overspending. Residents were encouraged to prepare only the food required and donate […]

Dubai Cares has invested over AED 3 million in an initiative to promote personal hygiene and health among school children in Zimbabwe. According to stats, one in ten girls in sub-Saharan Africa miss nearly 20 per cent of their school year due to health issues. The organisation hopes that the ‘WASH UP! Girl Talk’ programme will […]

The UAE has banned the import of all live birds from Russia. It follows an outbreak of the highly contagious H5N2 strain of bird flu in the country. The ban covers species of birds from three previously infected provinces including Respublika Kalmykia, Astrakhanskaya Oblast, and Kostromskaya Oblast. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) […]

The UAE has presented physical evidence that Iran has been supporting Houthi militia fighting in Yemen. A wide range of military weapons and equipment were acquired by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition during operations in the country on behalf of the legitimate Yemeni government. Numerous international experts, including those from the United Nations and United States, […]

The UAE is set to offer a grace period to illegal residents.  The country has announced a new amnesty plan which will allow visa violators to either rectify their status or leave the country without facing fines or fees. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship says the initiative will rolled out in the next […]

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