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Dubai has approved a record AED 56.6 billion budget for 2018, with a focus on infrastructure projects led by Expo 2020 as well as social development programmes. It’s the largest-ever in the emirate’s history with a 19.5 per cent year-on-year increase in overall spending, creating a AED 6.2 billion deficit. Spending on infrastructure makes up […]

Abu Dhabi Police have busted a major drug-trafficking gang in Al Ain, following an undercover operation code-named ‘sharp eye’. Officers seized 2.5 million Captagon pills and arrested four suspects who had been under surveillance. Their hideout was raided as the men were packaging the pills to sell them in different parts of the country. The […]

UAE businesses should avoid using the introduction of VAT as an excuse to manipulate their prices. The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in Dubai Economy said it is monitoring market activity to ensure retailers are not making unjustifiable price increases on their products before VAT officially kicks in next January. “Dubai Economy is […]

A truck driver has been arrested in Dubai after he was involved in a deadly hit and run accident involving pedestrians on Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. According to Dubai police officials, the incident happened on Friday at 9:45pm on the Sharjah bound lane of the highway. One person died while the remaining victims sustained severe […]

HSBC says they’ve reversed transactions on their UAE customers’ Visa debit and credit cards after a technical glitch at the bank saw some card holders accidentally overcharged. Customers who used their HSBC cards on December 2, took to social media to voice their anger, with some claiming they were charged up to three or four […]

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