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President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte is seeking to extend martial law by 12 months, on the volatile island of Mindanao, in a bid to reduce insurgency. Extremists took over parts of Marawi city and as a response Duterte placed the region under military rule. The current martial law is due to expire on December […]

China is looking to use nuclear power to provide reliable winter heating in a bid to slash coal consumption. State-owned China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) recently conducted a successful 168-hour trial run in Beijing for a small, dedicated “district heating reactor” (DHR) it has named the “Yanlong”. With the north facing natural gas shortages, CNNC […]

Two minor tremors detected near North Korea’s nuclear test site Saturday were probably aftershocks from the nuclear test in early September, according to a US Geological Survey official. The 2.9 and 2.4-magnitude aftershocks were detected at 06.13 and 06.40 GMT. “They’re probably relaxation events from the sixth nuclear test,” explained the USGS official, adding, “When you have a […]

An exquisite, silver-jewelled bag owned and used by Princess Diana in the 1980s has been sold for $15,186 (around AED 55,770) at an auction in the US. The satin-lined bag was given to a member of the royal household and comes with a letter confirming its authenticity. According to Boston-based RR Auctions, it demonstrates “Diana’s […]

The US is set to issue a four-level travel advisory for its citizens, with clearly recommended actions, from next month. As per the new system, level one advisory means “exercise normal precautions,” level two means “exercise increased caution,” level three means “reconsider travel” and level four is “do not travel”. According to reports, some nations […]

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