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Germany’s intelligence agency has alleged that China is using fake LinkedIn profiles to gather information on German politicians and officials. It said more than 10,000 Germans have been targeted by Chinese intelligence agents on the social networking site, possibly to recruit them as informants. The agency has published the names of eight of the most prolific […]

The United Nations migration agency has urged social media companies to do more to protect people against trafficking in Africa. The UN body warns that smugglers use sites like Facebook to attract would-be migrants from West Africa. William Denselow reports from UN headquarters in New York

A French journalist has been arrested in the Indian state of Kashmir last Sunday for allegedly violating visa regulations. According to reports, freelancer Comiti Paul Edward, who holds an Indian business visa valid until next December, was found filming a documentary in the Kothibagh area of Srinagar without permission. Officials said his visa does not permit him […]

Despite allegations of irregularities, Honduras’ electoral tribunal says a partial recount of nearly 5,000 ballot boxes from the disputed presidential election were “extremely consistent” with the original results. They said the tallies done at polling stations were well-executed, giving the lead to current President Juan Orlando Hernandez. The court published its final count on Sunday […]

A massive snowstorm has left hundreds of thousands of air passengers stranded at London’s Heathrow Airport early Monday as many planes had to be de-iced before take-off and after they land. It meant many flights were diverted, delayed or cancelled. British Airways, which is the worst hit, has reportedly cancelled 24 long-haul flights as well as […]

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