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A system malfunction had left 89 people trapped inside cable cars at Malaysia’s resort island of Langkawi for nearly four hours. Officials said technicians replaced a faulty bearing in the system, which had caused the breakdown, and helped transfer the passengers to the base station on Sunday. Earlier media reports suggested that nearly 800 people were […]

Authorities in India are continuing to investigate a $1.8 billion bank scam which allegedly involved an Indian jeweller, popular among Hollywood stars. Three arrests were made in connection with the case over the weekend. Our India correspondent Rebecca Bundhun has more

Brazil’s riot police on Monday released 18 hostages held by armed inmates at an overcrowded prison in Rio de Janeiro. Members of an elite SWAT unit along with police launched an operation at the Milton Dias Moreira prison after riots broke out on Sunday night.  Three inmates were shot but officials said their injuries were not life-threatening.  The incident […]

A 10-day campaign against militants in the Sinai peninsula has left three Egyptian soldiers dead. This is the first time the Egyptian military has reported casualties since it launched the operation on February 9, but didn’t reveal the identity or the timeline of the deaths.  Dozens of militants have been killed and hundreds of suspected […]

The US Justice Department has indicted 13 Russians and three organisations with a criminal conspiracy to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections. The indictment by Special Investigator Robert Mueller alleges deep penetration of the American political system through social media and through organised election rallies. It names the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency as the […]

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