Sunday, February 26, 2017

International News


US THAAD system to be deployed in Seoul Korea by June

The United States Terminal-High Altitude Area Defense or THAAD anti-ballistic missile system will soon be deployed in South Korea by late June. That’s according to South Korea’s local news agency, citing the South Korean Defense Ministry, which revealed that Seoul is finalising the process of getting the land where THAAD ...

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Australia and Indonesia agree to restore defense cooperation

Australia and Indonesia have agreed to resume all military cooperation, announced Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday. In a joint statement read by Turnbull in Sydney, both he and Indonesia President Joko Widodo agreed to the full restoration of defense cooperation, training exchanges and activities. It comes less than ...

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Indonesia and Australia restore military ties

Australia and Indonesia have restored full military relations, weeks after Jakarta suspended cooperation over “offensive” teaching material found at an Australian base. The leaders of the two countries also committed to free trade. The announcements were made as Indonesian President Joko Widodo met Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during his ...

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Syrian Oscar nominees unable to attend awards ceremony

A Syrian cinematographer, who worked on this year’s Oscar nominated documentary ‘The White Helmets’, will miss out on the prestigious awards ceremony because of a passport problem. Khaled Khatib was issued a visa to attend the event by the US but the Syrian government has cancelled his passport. The White ...

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Suspect in Kim Jong-nam’s death was paid $90

The Indonesian suspect, held over her role in the mysterious death of Kim Jong-nam, reportedly said she was paid $90 (AED 330) for what she believed was a “TV prank show”. A senior diplomat in Indonesia told media that Siti Aisyah believed she was handling a liquid like “baby oil”. ...

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