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As well as discussing the new movie Stef asked Morgan about ‘that’ Stan Lee movie that everyone else had asked to make, but never got the green light for. Not until he asked anyway…

Sunday starts in the best way possible on #TheTicket, as we look ahead to all the fun stuff we can get up to, after we clock off work.

The Ticket’s Zahra heads off to beautiful Ras Al Khaimah. Adrenaline junkies, this is one for you!

Everything you wanted to know about the F1 but were too scared to ask. (Plus some fun facts!)

  So once again The Ticket plans another mind blowing trip with music in mind. And this time were hitting the North East of England and the city of  Newcastle with the 80s boyband Bros reuniting They announced they were getting back together after more than 20 years and the Newcastle gig will happen at […]

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