Saturday, May 23, 2015

Business Breakfast Podcasts

  • Consult & Coach for a Cause 21.05.2015

    Anna-Lisa Goggs, Co Founder and COO of Consult & Coach for a cause,

  • PWC 21.05.2015

    Steve Drake, Head of Capital Markets and Advisory Service, PWC discusses their Q1 IPO Market Watch report.

  • Stress Rountable 14.05.2015

    Amanda White, MD at Innovative HR Solutions and Dr. Saliha Afridi, Managing Director at Lighthouse Arabia, shares their insights into stress in the workplace and what to do to combat it.

  • IRENA 20.05.2015

    Timothy Hurst, Chief Communications Officer at IRENA, gives insights into the renewable energy jobs sector.

  • Gartner 20.05.2015

    Peter Sondergard, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Research at Gartner, discusses the findings of their latest report.

  • UAE-UK Business Council 20.05.2015

    UAE-UK Business Council has set a new bilateral trade target of 25 Billion pounds a year by 2020. Ambassador Phillip Parham shares more.

  • Bassem Youssef 19.05.2015

    Bassem Youssef, the Egyptian TV presenter who shot to fame with his satirical coverage of the Arab Spring, tells Dubai Eye that he's surprised and delighted to be chosen as the first Arab to host the International Emmy Awards in the US.

  • Standard Chartered 19.05.2015

    Marios Maratheftis, Global Head of Macro Research at Standard Chartered, looks at Greece, India and China.

  • CBRE 19.05.2015

    Nicholas Maclean, Managing Director Middle East at CBRE, discusses their latest retail report.

  • Marka 18.05.2015

    Nick Peel, CEO at Marka, gives us more details on their acquisition of Reem Al Bawadi.

  • CPL Aromas 18.05.2015

    Chris Pickthall, CEO at CPL Aromas, shares his insights on the fragrance industry.

  • Metals 18.05.2015

    Jeff Rhodes, Founder of RPMC, discusses the latest on the precious metals market.

  • VOX Cinemas 17.05.2015

    Cameron Mitchell, CEO at VOX Cinemas, shares their expansion plans and developments in the cinema industry.

  • Embank 17.05.2015

    Khatija Haque, Head of MENA Research at EmiratesNBD, discusses the latest MENA research.

  • Asia Cross (India) 17.05.2015

    Gaurang Shah, Vice President GEOJIT BNP Paribas, gives the latest in India.