Friday, August 26, 2016

Business Breakfast Podcasts

  • Engage Selection 25.08.2016

    James Maltman, MD at Engage Selection, explains the process and importance of recruiting older workers.

  • Jim Will Fix It 25.08.2016

    Colin Thomas, Partner at Jim-Will-Fix-It Services, takes us through his career journey from working for Sony Playstation to setting up Jim-Will-Fix-It.

  • Linda Bonnar 25.08.2016

    Life coach Linda Bonnar shares her thoughts on how we can prepare ourselves mentally for retirement.

  • Ludmila Yamalova 25.08.2016

    Ludmila Yamalova, Managing Partner HPL Yamalova & Plewka DMCC, takes us through the legal issues around charities.

  • Moustafa Hamwi 25.08.2016

    Moustafa Hamwi, Passionpreneur & Chief Energy Officer - AKA The Passion Guy - moustafa.com, shares the story of his career change and how to maintain a passion for your job.

  • RAKBANK 25.08.2016

    Peter England, CEO RAKBank, discusses their latest results and shares his insights into the current banking industry.

  • DU 24.08.2016

    Jasim Al Awadi, Vice President of Network Infrastructure and Services at du, takes us through their plans for the roll-out of 5G and 20G in the region.

  • Embank 24.08.2016

    Gary Dugan, Chief Investment Officer at EmiratesNBD, shares his investment outlook for emerging markets.

  • Enritsch 24.08.2016

    Stefan Ritsch, Director of Operations at Enritsch, explains his career journey from project finance to web-based wellness.

  • Eureeca 24.08.2016

    Sam Quawasmi, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Eureeca, discusses their latest round of funding and their expansion plans for the region.

  • Nakheel 24.08.2016

    Sanjay Manchanda, Nakheel CEO, joins us to discuss their announcement that the master developer has declared itself debt-free after five years of financial restructuring.

  • Smartworld 24.08.2016

    Abdulqader Obaid Ali, CEO of Smartworld, explains why they’ve decided to open the UAE and Middle East’s first-of-its-kind ‘Cyber Security Center’.

  • DLA Piper 23.08.2016

    Neil Crossley, Partner at DLA Piper and Regional Head of Employment, looks at the legal perspective around retirement age and work options.

  • Guardian Wealth Management 23.08.2016

    Natasha Rocha Maggessi, Senior Financial and Tax Consultant at Guardian Wealth Management, shares her insights into how the Rio Olympics 2016 has affected the Brazilian economy.

  • Global Capital Partners 23.08.2016

    Sameer Lakhani, Managing Director of Global Capital Partners, shares the findings of their latest property report: A Tale In Three Markets.