Monday, July 6, 2015

Business Breakfast Podcasts

  • Embank 05.07.2015

    Tim Fox, Chief Economist and Head of Research at EmiratesNBD, looks at the possible outcomes of a yes or no vote in Greece.

  • Jack Parrock 05.07.2015

    Jack Parrock, FSN correspondent in Athens, shares his insights on reactions in Greece ahead of the referendum vote.

  • Asia Cross (India) 05.07.2015

    Gaurang Shah, Vice President GEOJIT BNP Paribas, discusses expectations for monsoon season.

  • Arcadis 05.07.2015

    Edward McCluskey, Head of Alternative Dispute Resolution Middle East at Arcadis, shares the findings from their latest construction report.

  • Seed 01.07.2015

    Hisham Al Gurg, CEO at SEED, discusses entrepreneurship.

  • Cisco 01.07.2015

    Rabih Dabboussi, GM of Cisco UAE, shares his thought on counterfeit IT goods.

  • Emirates 01.07.2015

    We hear from CEO Tim Clark on the U.S. Gulf carrier issue.

  • NBAD 30.06.2015

    Gary Dugan, Head of Investment Strategy at NBAD, gives us some market perspective on the latest concerns around Greece possibly leaving the Eurozone.

  • ISEAS 30.06.2015

    Malcolm Cook, Senior Fellow at Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, explains the importance of the new China led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank.

  • Standard Chartered 29.06.2015

    Steve Brice, Chief Investments Strategist at Standard Chartered, gives suggestions for an investment strategy in the light of falling equity markets in Asia on the back of the Greek crisis.

  • Metals 29.06.2015

    Jeff Rhodes, Founder of RPMC, says gold looks overvalued.

  • Coutts HK 29.06.2015

    Mark McFarland, Global Chief Economist at Coutts HK, looks at the options for Greece.

  • Embank 28.06.2015

    John Paul Pigat, Senior Economist at EmiratesNBD, explains the latest chapter in the Greece drama.

  • Asia Cross (India) 28.06.2015

    Gaurang Shah, Vice President GEOJIT BNP Paribas, updates us on the latest markets news for India and the monsoons.

  • Faithful+Gould 25.06.2015

    Campbell Gray, Managing Director at Faithful+Gould, updates us on all the construction activity.