Friday, October 28, 2016

Business Breakfast Podcasts

  • Brandy Scott 27.10.2016

    Brandy Scott – Presenter - Business Breakfast chats to us live from Shangha.

  • Chris McHardy 27.10.2016

    Chris McHardy - Head of Sports – ARN previews the weekend’s sport action.


  • Dame Wendy Hall 27.10.2016

    Dame Wendy Hall, Director of the Web Science Institute and a key pioneer in the invention of the internet explains why the business model of the internet is so fascinating.

  • Qamar Energy 27.10.2016

    Robin Mills – CEO - Qamar Energy looks at this weekend’s OPEC meeting and expectations for the oil industry.


  • Audi 26.10.2016

    Stephan Winklemann, CEO of Audi Quattro, explains why they've launched their new dealership in Abu Dhabi.

  • Dubai Airports 26.10.2016

    Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, talks us through his views on the third runway at Heathrow.

  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce 26.10.2016

    Brandy Scott is attending Dubai Week in Shanghai. She's been speaking about the importance of China to Dubai, with the president and CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Hamad Buamim. 

  • FCSA 26.10.2016

    Malik Al Madani, Director of the Competitiveness Strategy Department at the FCSA, explains why the UAE ranks top among Arab countries in the World Bank's ease of doing business report.

  • Global Village 26.10.2016

    Ahmad Hussain bin Essa, CEO of Global Village, gives his reaction to the new theme park, ahead of their 21st season which begins next week.

  • Pearl Initiative 26.10.2016

    Carla Koffel, Executive Director for The Pearl Initiative, explains whether Middle East companies are reaching their sustainable development goals.

  • Standard Chartered 25.10.2015

    Marios Maratheftis, Global Chief Economist for Standard Chartered, gives his views on how close Saudi Arabia came to bankruptcy.

  • The World Bank 25.10.2016

    Nadir Mohammed, Director of GCC Countries for The World Bank, gives us his assessment on the economic prospects of the Middle East.

  • Ludmilla Yamalova 25.10.2016

    Ludmila Yamalova, Managing Partner at HPL Yamalova & Plewka, explains why the new bankruptcy law is such a game-changer for the UAE.

  • Autodesk 25.10.2016

    Greg Eden, Global VP for Marketing & Strategy for Autodesk, explains how they're creating $100 million in grants for innovative 3D printing ideas in Dubai.

  • Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation 25.10.2016

    Media celebrity Ali Jaber and South African student George Giddens talk about the new Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation.