Sunday, September 25, 2016

Business Breakfast Podcasts

  • DIFC Courts 22.09.2016

    Mark Bear, CEO and registrar of DIFC courts talks us through what happens if you die intestate in the UAE.

  • Manchester Business School 22.09.2016

    Professor Ismail Erturk, Senior Banking Lecturer for the Manchester Business School explains the problems banks have with bankers behaving badly.

  • Nathan Outlaw 22.09.2016

    Richard Dean catches up with the Burj Al Arab's new celebrity chef, Nathan Outlaw ahead of opening night.

  • Peter Gordon 22.09.2016

    Brandy Scott asks celebrity chef, Peter Gordon about the effect of social media and online takeaway services on restaurants.

  • Embank 21.09.2016

    Gary Dugan, Chief Investment officer, EmiratesNBD discusses opportunities in Africa and the oil markets.


  • Ford 21.09.2016

    Brandy Scott speaks to Doug Moore, Dynamic Shuttle Lead in North America about the future of automobiles and Eric Wingfield, Business integration mobility leader for Ford’s discusses GoBikes. 

  • Namshi 21.09.2016

    Hoasm Arab, Co-founder and MD of Namshi discusses their retail growth, challenges in the market and the outlook for the retail sector.

  • Netflix 21.09.2016

    Maha Abouelenein, Spokesperson for Netflix explains which of their programmes are proving popular in the UAE.


  • Ken Washington 20.09.2016

    Ken Washington, vice president of advanced engineering at Ford explains how they're developing their self driving cars.

  • Crystal Factory 20.09.2016

    Akbar Sura, CEO of Crystal Gallery explains how they took on the European giants of the awards world and won. 

  • IP Global 20.09.2016

    Richard Bradstock of IP Global explains why Middle East investors are still buying London property, despite it being among the least affordable in the world. 

  • Ken Himmel 20.09.2016

    Real estate mogul Ken Himmel from Related Urban gives us an update on the progress being made at the Al Marr-e-ah Centre in Abu Dhabi

  • Ford 19.09.2016

    Brandy Scott has been in Detroit with Ford chief technical officer, and VP of product development, Raj Nair; Ford chairman, Bill Ford; Mark Fields, the president and CEO at Ford 

    and Author Dan Lyons, a silicon valley expert, and a disruption expert to find out what's really happening in the auto industry - and how you make sure a 113 year old company is leading, rather than left behind. 


  • Geogia Tolley 19.09.2016

    Georgia Tolley, Producer, Business Breakfast chats to us live from Bangkok and looks at the business ties between the UAE and Thailand.

  • Emirates Cargo 19.09.2016

    Nabil Sultan, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo shares more on their latest cargo venture - providing specialist services to the pharmaceutical industry.