Friday, March 24, 2017

Business Breakfast Podcasts

  • Mike Smith 23.03.2017

    Chris McHardy, ARN's Head of Sports, speaks to Mike Smith, the 51-year-old jockey of Arrogate, the favourite for this Saturday's Dubai World Cup.

  • Dubai Airports 23.03.2017

    Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, looks at how the new electronics ban will affect operations at Dubai International.

  • Eaton Middle East 23.03.2017

    Frank Campbell, President of Corporate and Electrical Sector, EMEA for Eaton, describes how they're developing systems to capture daytime sunlight and converting it into night-time energy.

  • OSN 23.03.2017

    Sophie Moloney, Chief Legal Officer for OSN, discusses how illegal downloads of TV programmes and the likes are affecting content providers in the UAE.

  • Robbie Greenfield 23.03.2017

    Robbie Greenfield, co-host of Sports Tonight, talks through 'Breakfast with the Stars' at Meydan, prior to the weekend's big one - The Dubai World Cup.

  • Richard Dean 23.03.2017

    Richard Dean gives us the lowdown on Microsoft’s latest artificial intelligence software, live from Seattle.

  • Standard Chartered 23.03.2017

    Steve Brice, Chief Investment Strategist of Standard Chartered, introduces the bank's new global market outlook.

  • 90 North 22.03.2017

    Nicholas Judd, Founder & Head of Investment of 90 North, joins us to tell us where Middle East investment institutions put their money during uncertain times.

  • AirlineRatings 22.03.2017

    Geoffrey Thomas, MD & Editor-in-Chief for, gives us his views on the new ban on electronics devices on flights to the USA.

  • Rakesh Pardasani 22.03.2017

    Rakesh Pardasani, Partner at Financial Consultancy firm RSM UAE, speaks to the ARN News Centre about VAT. The UAE Ministry of Finance is taking steps to ensure that companies across the country are prepared to welcome VAT next year.

  • DCAA 22.03.2017

    Michael Rudolf, Head of Airspace Safety Section at the DCAA, tells us more about the electronics ban and how it will affect passengers.

  • HMD Global 22.03.2017

    Per Ekman, Vice President Middle East & North Africa for HMD Global, will tell us if we will all be playing snake again with the relaunch of the Nokia 3310. Join us to find out more.

  • Lorna Shaddick 22.03.2017

    Lorna Shaddick, our US correspondent, gives us her insights into the newly introduced ban that will affect travellers from the Middle East.

  • Richard Dean 22.03.2017

    Richard Dean, our very own Business Breakfast Presenter, joins us on the line from Seattle where he is meeting with Microsoft to learn about new technologies and what they mean for companies here in the UAE.

  • US - UAE Business Council 22.03.2017

    Danny Seabright, President of the US-UAE Business Council, tells us what the new ban on electronic devices in cabins on flights into the US means for business.