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  • DWC 25.03.2015

    Justin Wilshaw, Senior Vice-President for Commercial Affairs at Dubai World Central, discusses new development plans for the area ahead of Expo 2020.

  • Embank 25.03.2015

    Yong Wei Lee, Head of MENA Equities at Emirates NBD Asset Management Ltd., shares his outlook on Singapore, follow the death of its founder, and the update on the news moving local equity markets in the UAE.

  • Sean Covey 25.03.2015

    Sean Covey, Senior Vice President of innovations and products, best-selling author & motivational speaker at Franklin Covey, outlines the top traits of effective leaders today and explains why leadership is a skill that can be taught at a very young age.

  • Social Media 24.03.2015

    Alex McNabb, Senior Consultant of Spot On Communications, states the importance of social media and its changing role in business.

  • Stan Chart 24.03.2015

    Marios Marathefthis, Global Head of Macro Research at Standard Chartered, gives us his view on how he thinks the Greek crisis will pan out.

  • LBS IPO 24.03.2015

    Francesca Cornelli, Head of Finance at London Business School, says why a low oil price could mean a rise in IPO's.

  • H+K Strategies 23.03.2015

    Sconaid McGeachin, Regional President and CEO at H+K Strategies India, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, talks about the importance of reputation in business, and why it pays to have a good.

  • Gold 23.03.2015

    Jeffrey Rhodes, Founder and Managing Consultant at Rhodes Precious Metals Consultancy, looks at how gold is performing and how the Euro could benefit UAE residents and lead to more yield.

  • Eureeca 23.03.2015

    Chris Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of, talks about regulating the crowd funding industry both here and abroad.

  • India 22.03.2015

    Gaurang Shah, Vice President of GEOJIT BNP PARIBAS, gives us an up to date look at the Indian economy, and the latest take in the Cricket World Cup.

  • Embank 22.03.2015

    Jean-Paul Pigat, Senior Economist - Global Markets and Treasury at Emirates NBD, gives his insights about relaxing the fed, and its effects on the global and local markets.

  • Royce Pinkwater 22.03.2015

    Royce Pinkwater, Founder of Pinkwater Select, and Realtor to the Stars, gives us the lowdown on why she is making her mark in Dubai and why she's planning on investing globally in student accommodation.

  • PCI Security Standards Council 19.03.2015

    Jeremy King, International Director at PCI Security Standards Council, talks about growing cases of card fraud in the MENA region and the importance of security standards for online shoppers and card use.

  • Dubai Investments 19.03.2015

    Khalid Bin Kalban, CEO of Dubai Investments, remains very bullish on Dubai's real estate market, and says now's the time to buy, buy, buy.

  • Sothesby's 19.03.2015

    While Dubai continues to invest in infrastructure and tourism, millions of dollars are being spent by wealthy collectors and museums in Qatar on contemporary art. Most recently the world's most expensive painting ever valued at $300 million was sold there. Sotheby's has expanded its presence in the region to cater to this market and are currently holding an exhibition in Dubai showcasing pricy works of art up for auction. Our reporter Joumana Saad spoke to Aileen Agopian, the company's Head of Sales for Contemporary Art in Doha about what's been fueling this appetite for art collecting in the region.

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