Breitling DC-3 Round-The-World Flight #BusinessBreakfast

In March Malcolm Taylor was lucky enough to be invited up for a short flight on Breitling’s Dakota DC-3 on its round-the-world flight. It was carrying 500 commemorative engraved watches on its journey, that could be sold to good Breitling customers to create the heirlooms of the future.

Here is a link to that story.

Malcolm had a bumpy half-hour flight over the Palm Jebel Ali at low level, and was reminded of the WW2 origins of the iconic plane. The feeling of flying was much more ‘real’ than in modern aircraft, and even seasoned-flyer Malcolm admitted to feeling “slightly queasy”.

The plane successfully completed its global circumnavigation, and this is Breitling’s capsule tribute to the plane and its pilots:

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