Monday, August 21, 2017

Brandy Scott is Back… On The Business Breakfast

Dubai Eye 103.8 is delighted to be able to announce that listener favourite, Brandy Scott, will be returning to flagship show, The Business Breakfast, joining existing presenters Malcolm Taylor and Richard Dean.

The new line-up of business heavyweights will enable even more credible content, analysis and features, as well as the chat which makes the programme so popular.

Brandy Scott is back on The Business Breakfast!

New Zealander Brandy Scott is no stranger to Dubai, or to the Business Breakfast. As long-term listeners will remember, Brandy co-hosted the show for seven years, working with both Richard and Malcolm from late 2006 to mid 2013.

Brandy’s career has also seen her run the features desk of a national newspaper, help put together Radio New Zealand’s flagship breakfast show, appear as a regular television pundit, and write for numerous magazines and websites.

Brandy returned to her native New Zealand two years ago, to study for an MA in Creative Writing. Her novel won her a mentorship with a major international publisher, and she’s now working with them to polish the next draft. But she’s never lost her love for the Business Breakfast – or Malcolm Taylor – and she’s incredibly excited to be rejoining the show at such an innovative time.

Back in Business with Brandy Scott

More than a decade after first hosting The Business Breakfast, and after a two-year hiatus, Brandy Scott is back. We’re excited. How do you feel?

I’m very excited. I’ve loved my time in New Zealand, getting to know my country again, but I’ve also missed my other home, Dubai. That’s the high-class problem that comes with being an expatriate: you belong in too many places. But I feel very lucky to have the chance to come back to what Richard Dean once rightly called ‘the best gig in the world’ – The Business Breakfast.

What have you been up to since we last heard you on Dubai Eye?

So much! It hasn’t all been barbecues on the beach. (Although some of it has.) I primarily went home to do a Masters in Creative Writing at Victoria University. The writing programme there is one of the best in the world, and I’ve wanted to study there since I was in high school.

The novel I submitted for my degree has won me a mentorship with an international publisher and I’m now working with them on the next draft. So keep your fingers crossed…

I’ve also been working part time while studying and writing, doing some interesting things: making podcasts for the New Zealand Book Council, producing the breakfast show at Radio New Zealand, and running a writers’ retreat out in the country.

You, Richard and Malcolm will all host the show. What do you believe each of you brings to the table?

There’s a lot of déjà vu in the three of us working together again. This is how I started on the Business Breakfast, with Richard and Malcolm. Richard was incredibly patient when I first joined, teaching me the basics of radio – he used to sing Britney Spears before I read the news to remind me to put more energy into my voice. And of course Malcolm and I co-hosted for years, and there’s a special relationship that comes with that.

I think we’re all different in terms of our experience, outlook and backgrounds – and that’s a good thing. But the one thing we have in common is the desire to create great radio.

What’s your fondest memory at Dubai Eye?

How to choose? There have been so many great moments, and great interviews. But I don’t think I’ve ever been so emotional as during my leaving show – the effort everyone went to was truly above and beyond. Vasti, our producer, even found two guitarists to serenade me with Crowded House songs. It was lovely, and I was a mess.

There have been multiple innovations since you were last with ARN: new station launches, new digital stations, cameras being introduced in studio and our partnership with OSN, to name but a few. What are you most looking forward to?

I’m excited to see so much innovation, although cameras at 6am may be a little frightening for viewers. But I have to be honest – what I’m really looking forward to are the fundamentals that make the show great: strong interviews, good stories, an intelligent audience and the Business Breakfast’s unique comradeship. Whatever platform we broadcast on and whomever we tie up with, those elements will always be essential, and they’re why I love the show.