Anthony Joshua exclusive: ‘Nutjob’ Tyson Fury would be toughest fight as AJ blasts ‘little kid’ Joseph Parker

Anthony Joshua has branded heavyweight rival Tyson Fury a “nutjob” and believes the self-styled ‘Gypsy King’ would pose the toughest test of all his rivals.

Fury has not fought since dethroning Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015, a two year period which has seen Joshua cement his place as the heavyweight division’s top dog after his own sensational victory over Klitschko.

A showdown with WBO champion Joseph Parker is being mooted with Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn reportedly ‘confident’ a deal will be struck that would see both men take to the 02 Arena in March next year.

But in an exclusive interview with Sports Tonight at Jumeirah Al Naseem, Joshua has dismissed Parker’s ability out of hand and says it is Fury, rather than the Kiwi, who worries him most.

“He’s just awkward. Fury is tall and I think he’s a bit of a nutjob to be honest with you,” said Joshua, who boasts 20-0 unbeaten record.

“I think he’s just got a bit of a screw loose. Any man with a screw loose even if it is just in business, they just have a little something that you can’t put your finger on.

“So with Fury it would be tricky to figure him out. It would be a real breakdown job, a real gruesome type fight. Kind of like that Klitschko fight – I’ll go to hellfire and back to get the win.”

Aside from labelling Fury a “nutjob”, Joshua also refused to acknowledge his fellow Briton’s own victory over Klitschko. “He [Fury] boxed 12 rounds and ran. I don’t respect that,” he said.

“I’ve always said that you come to slay the King. You look him in his face and you take what is his. And that’s what I think Klitschko and I did. We came together man to man and went to war. I think that’s re-lit the heavyweight division.”


But what of Parker and another rival in the heavyweight division, WBC king Deontay Wilder? Joshua gives both short shrift.

“Parker I don’t disregard him but I’d smack him around the ring. No problem,” proclaimed Joshua. “Wilder? I’d knock Wilder out, it would take a bit of time but I’d definitely knock him out.

“Parker would take a bit more of a pasting but I’d get to him. Wilder, I’d knock him out with one shot. Not like I’d go in there and bang but when I catch Wilder, I’d definitely knock him out.”


Joshua also hit out at this week’s bizarre press conference involving Parker which he claims has damaged the credibility of the sport.

Parker and his promoter David Higgins have been widely ridiculed for the publicity stunt during which showed a compilation of Joshua getting knocked down and saw both outline how ‘Glass Jaw Joshua’ can be beaten.

Speaking only hours after the press conference, Joshua told Sports Tonight: “The fight’s still not made. He’s investing his time in the wrong areas. Does he want publicity? Is it a PR stunt? It’s not about worrying about how we fight.

“I fought Waldimir Klitchko too early but the opportunity came and we managed to come together with one of the all-time greats we came together and put on a great show with no complaints.

“So what is so difficult about fighting this little kid who is doing press conferences talking a load of rubbish. It’s very unprofessional of them. The heavyweight championship is a really well respected title to have but stuff like that takes away from the crème de le crème of the sport.”

“Boxing is not complicated when working with us. They need to put their egos to one side and stop doing silly things like that press conference.”

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