Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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What Do You Like To Do When You’re Sitting Down? #DubaiToday

Is it simply getting stuck into a good book, or do you love your driving time sitting down and cruising along the highway?

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The Thursday Brunch on #DubaiToday in Conversation with Deliciously Ella

British cooking sensation Deliciously Ella in conversation with Suzanne Radford.

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Thursday Brunch on #DubaiToday with Suzanne Radford

Suzanne Radford is joined by chefs Atul Kochhar and Reuben Riffle and Orit Mohammad from Boon Coffee for this week's Thursday Brunch.

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#TheTicket Tit Bit Of The Day

Get ready for the cutest twins in the world as they take us on a tour around Hollywood!

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#DubaiToday with Suzanne Radford, International Women’s Day

Imagine a day without women, where women downed their tools and took a day off, from paid and unpaid domestic work? #BeBoldForChange

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Sylvia Youth Theatre Comes To Dubai #TheTicket

Are you ready, Dubai thespians? A famous performing arts school is coming to town!

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Eye on Health on #DubaiToday with Suzanne Radford and Keith Littlewood

Suzanne Radford and Keith Littlewood discuss the impact of environmental factors on health.

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Am I Your Type: Literary Holidays #TheTicket

From the craggy hilltops of Gabriel García Márquez's magical Columbia to the fairytale coastlines of Hans Christian Anderson's Denmark, this week we take you on a literary tour around the world.

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Animal House on #DubaiToday

Today we look at cat trapping - at what point do you realise that your cat may have been stolen rather than just gone for cat wander in the way that cats tend to?

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#DubaiToday with Suzanne Radford – #BeBoldForChange

Celebrating the bold women we come across in our daily lives and highlighting the strength and resilience of some of the international and locally based women who have inspired us on the show.

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