The RAKBANK Best Brains in the Business

Are you that person who everybody wants on their quiz team? Are you the font of all knowledge? Now’s your chance to be part of the UAE’s ultimate quiz – the RAKBANK Best Brains in the Business, with Dubai Eye 103.8 – on Thursday 07th December at Jumeirah Golf Estates. Now’s your chance to join the Dubai Eye presenters, for a night of fun, frivolity – and of course, plenty of serious quiz time! If you think you can outdo the likes of Malcolm Taylor and Richard Dean, then you need to get your game-plan in gear!

Get ready to text RAKBANK on 4001, or via our free app, when you are prompted by our presenters, when competitions will begin across the Dubai Eye grid. Every time the competition takes place, our randomiser will pick two names, collated from the SMS and app count. Both callers will go live on-air and be asked three questions. The winner will be the person who answers the most questions correctly. If there is a tie, the presenter will ask additional questions to each player. Once a player gets a question wrong, the other person will automatically win a (plus one) place at the quiz night.

Registration is now closed. Thank you to all those who are taking part – we’ll see you on Thursday!

The RAKBANK Best Brains in the Business, with Dubai Eye 103.8. In association with RAKBANK Business Banking, your Partner today and tomorrow.

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