Author: Stef Burgon

A brand new thriller starring Joaquin Phoenix which has already picked up 2 awards at Cannes. Lynne Ramsay and actress Ekaterina Samsanov were both there to walk the red carpet at the gala screening on Tuesday 12th December 2017. Stef spoke to both of them about making the film.

Have you read the book? Did you see the movie? It’s an incredibly thought provoking story and was a particularly great adaptation from the book to the screenplay.

As well as discussing the new movie Stef asked Morgan about ‘that’ Stan Lee movie that everyone else had asked to make, but never got the green light for. Not until he asked anyway…

Sverrir had never played a game of tennis in his life when he was cast in this role and he assured Stef that whatever your knowledge of the game, you will enjoy this movie.

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