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The award winning Dubai Today, easing you through the morning, bringing you compelling stories, ideas and ways to best lead your life, fine tuning your work, relationships and inner self. Tune in every morning for meaningful conversation, humour and insight into life and the city we live in. Get your daily fix just after 11am, take a breath and feel inspired by the Mid Morning Music Moment – creating a playlist to your life. Send your request here and we will be sure to share your music moment.

Sundays – Kaleidoscope

Tune in as Suzanne Radford and guests mull over the small stuff that helps us take care of the big. An imaginative look at the world around you, we talk culture, creativity, personal development, community, inspiring stories, diversity and understand life’s lessons.


Across the month Monday’s are a variety – Editor of Good magazine, Helen Farmer joins Suzanne for some Good ideas on how to live, shop and eat well here in the UAE. Suzanne hosts your financial consultation with Keren Bobker, financial advisor with Holborn Assets, who offers her experience and guidance on how to manage your money.

The Animal House

Suzanne Radford is in the studio every Monday at 12pm with the animal clinic and resident vet from DKC Veterinary Clinic Dr Lucinda Nattrass, who is on hand to offer you advice and support. Todd Carson of Dubai Kennels and Cattery offers his advice and expertise into safely shipping your pets in and out the region, boarding and transportation needs. Got a question for our experts? Click here.

Tuesdays – Eye on Health

Make an appointment for informed and up to date news, research on health and wellbeing. This is your go-to resource for information, when Suzanne Radford is joined by leading experts from the world of medicine and wellness including doctors and patients alike, who clarify the facts, unmask the myths and offer sound advice with your health.

Suzanne Radford is joined by a variety of local experts including Naturopathic Physician Dr Heather Eade from Intelligent Health, Keith Littlewood, who gives expert advice into back and neck pain, fatigue and digestive dysfunction and Eileen Domiati, Editor In Chief of Women’s Health & Fitness magazine, as they delve into the latest issue and explore the current trends from the world of Health and Fitness.

Wednesday – On The Couch

Our door is always open during On the Couch when Suzanne Radford is joined by Dr Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist or Naeema Jiwani, child-development psychologist at the Human Relations Institute and Clinics. Suzanne, Thoraiya and Naeema offer guidance on feelings of anxiety, depression, relationships, child behaviour, your family or wherever you may need some therapy – at home, at work or with your friends.

Thursday – The Thursday Brunch

It’s all about food and recipes with The Thursday Brunch bringing together the movers and shakers of the culinary community, serving at the table food news, debates, recipe ideas and laughter. The Thursday Brunch has a regular panel of food experts, alongside highly acclaimed award winning chefs and authors Giorgio Locatelli, Wolfgang Puck, Marco Pierre White, Gary Rhodes, Tom Aikens, Jason Atherton, Greg Malouf, Silvena Rowe, Atul Kochur and Reza Mohammad.

For recipe ideas and inspiration, click here.




I’ve been in Dubai 15 years now and I could not survive without Dubai Eye. My biggest treat is Suzanne Radford, what a wonderful presenter, catching her show makes the day! – Susie

Dubai Today is a veritable ‘Smörgåsbord for the ears’ – always an interesting mixture of programmes covering news, culture, health, fitness and lifestyle, pets, travel and (my personal favourite) food! As I work from home, I am often able to listen and sometimes participate when the programme is covering topics of personal interest (which seem to come up quite regularly!) The excellent presenter Suzanne, and the producers Jo and Linda, try to involve the listener as much as possible and, given the enormous social, cultural and ethnic diversity of the people that call Dubai / the UAE home, getting the balance of the broadcasts right is a significant challenge which they pull off with great success. There are many regular guest / fellow presenters who are encouraged to contribute as much as possible and this helps to keep the programmes fresh and interesting. Special highlights for me over the years have been the many interviews with top chefs and other foodies, the live broadcasts from restaurants / food / sporting events, some of the heart-warming family oriented stories common to many of our lives and the always excellent programmes featuring Dr Stephen Keck (particularly the 1st World War programmes for example). I look forward to the new and exciting broadcasts yet to come! – Kevin

Hi Suzanne, congratulations on becoming a Dubai cultural icon. I work with chefs and one of them made his new menu with only sustainable, fair trade, organic foods from all over the world. He told me he gave his menu ‘the Suzanne Radford treatment’! – Armel

Thanks so much for replying. I listen to your show often when driving around the Emirates. You really hit home with relevant subjects. You are also not afraid to touch on the very delicate and often taboo subjects of depression, alcoholism, difficult parenting issues, etc. I personally suffer with biopolar and I think this certainly contributes to my weight issue. I keep my suffering away from my profession and very much a secret. That’s why I relate to your show because it makes me feel like I’m not alone! – Ian

Your program and the positive vibes that come over are like a fresh squeezed orange juice to gives a healthy kick…great program! – Peter

Without doubt, in over thirty years Suzanne gave the best interview I’ve ever had – brilliant! – John Gray, bestselling author of the Mars/Venus series

Your shows inspire me, comfort me and offer a source of educational entertainment that has a unique balance of insight into the various situations that life throws at us – Alisa


Suzanne Radford – Presenter/Producer


Suzanne Radford’s background is performing arts: she has written, produced and directed children’s shows, and run drama-based team building workshops. Suzanne founded the Cut Throat Theatre Company in the UK, where her troupe of actors specialized in hosting murder mystery events for the bloodthirst High profile victims included supermodel Elle Macpherson and many a member of European Royalty…. they are all still alive!

As producer for the prestigious Perrier Comedy Awards in Edinburgh and London, Suzanne was instrumental in showcasing new talent and enabling comedians to develop their careers on the comedy circuit and the media.

Suzanne went on to complete her Master’s degree in Media Production from Birmingham University, where she specialised in Radio Production, and decided to move permanently to the UAE in 2008.

Suzanne has interviewed many high profile personalities ranging from Broadcaster Dame Jenni Murray to Queen Noor of Jordan to poet Lemn Sissay OBE and Conservationist Dame Dr Jane Goodall. Chefs who have joined Suzanne Radford in conversation include Giorgio Loccatelli, Wolfgang Puck, Jason Atherton, Tom Aikens and Gary Rhodes.

Suzanne’s passions include travel, laughter, food and its provenance, and sharing people’s life stories. Suzanne is proud of her work with local charity Gulf For Good, which supports children’s charities in Peru and Mongolia.

When Suzanne is not working you can find her outdoors enjoying the beach or out in the desert with her dog or spending time with friends, enjoying the city’s restaurants and events.

Email Suzanne at

Jo McKibben – Producer


Jo grew up in the UK and as a teenager her family moved to Madrid where she lived for 10 years. She returned to the UK to study at the University of London and Central School of Speech and Drama.

After graduating, Jo did some globe trotting before returning to London where she started her career in television production. Spanning twelve years, she worked in Post Production, Children’s Television and Documentaries, with Channel Management for the launch of BBC Three and as an Entertainment News Producer for BBC News in London. Career highlights include filming David Beckham in Madrid, broadcasting live from the Ibiza and spending a lot of time on the red carpets of London learning that celebrities are a lot shorter in real life.

Jo took a career break to support her family and has lived in the region for a decade. She has been working with Dubai Eye 103.8 and the Arabian Radio Network for the past three years as Senior Producer for Dubai Today with Suzanne Radford.

Away from the radio station Jo is best described as a bookworm, a keen homemaker, in the kitchen and garden, all the while recording her achievements to show off about them on social media. More importantly, she is a keen swimmer and recently completed the 1.6km swim around the Burj Al Arab with the medal taking pride of place at thome!  Bearing in mind she is often beaten, but never defeated, in swimming races with her 13 year old son and at netball with her 11 year old daughter and at Monopoly by her 7 year old son. 

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