A Discovery of Bengali Cuisine as Michelin Star Chef and Popular Foodie Blogger Team Up #DubaiToday

ARN Reporter and foodie explorer Michelle Loxton recently went on a mission to find out about Bengali cuisine. 

And the team behind this foodie night out was popular foodie blogger and editor Ishita Saha and Michelin star Chef Atul Kochhar.

Michelle discovered just how much Bengali Chefs like to use mustard seeds and how Bengali chefs are the best pastry chefs in India. 

The menu included everything from traditional Kolkata street food favourites such as Sev crusted potatoes and Park street soda. A favourite among guests was was the marinated “potol” stuffed with paneer crumble, shreaded beetroot cutlet and lentil cake. The Scallops Kalia gave a nod to fine dining and the shrimp curry in coconut sauce with marinated green mango and guava was Michelle’s favourite. Bengali chefs are talked about for their fish so the steamed salmon in turmeric and mustard paste wrapped in banana leaf was a highlight. Bellies had to make room for the Tandoor roasted chicken, pineapple chutney sorbet and the slow stewed lamb. Dessert is what they’re famous for and so the pudding palette of sweet delights was a perfect portrait of rice pancakes with coconut, baked yoghurt and traditional Bengali sweets. 

Bengali photo

To find out more about Ishita visit ishitaunblogged.com and to find out more about Michelin Star Chef Atul Kochhar visit atulkochhar.com

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