Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dubai Today – Eye on Health

  • Eye On Health - Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim 25.04.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined in the studio by Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim, A&E doctor and board member of Medecins Sans Frontieres UK (MSF), who is visiting the UAE as part of his work with the organisation. Dr. Javid’s volunteering work with MSF began in 2009 when he went to Iraq to provide assistance in the emergency room of a hospital. He has since completed missions in Haiti, South Sudan and Lebanon (for Syria). He also travelled to Sierra Leone to treat victims of the Ebola crisis.

  • Hormones and The Food We Eat 18.04.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined in the studio by Keith Littlewood, rehabilitation and performance coach from Balanced Body Mind, and based at Hapi Dubai in Alserkal Avenue Al Quoz. Exploring digestion, sleep patterns, libido, living with an absence of pain and your own personal wellbeing.

  • Eye On Health - Alcoholics Anonymous 11.04.2017

    Suzanne Radford is discussing alcohol addiction with members of Alcholics Anonymous from the UAE. April marks Alcohol Awareness Month and Suzanne looks at the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, as well as the strategies AA use to combat the disease.

  • Eye On Health - Parkinson's Disease 11.04.2017

    Today marks World Parkinson’s Awareness Day and joining Suzanne Radford in studio from 11 are Dr Willem Van der Kamp, neurologist and neurophysiologist from the German Neuroscience Centre, Meeta Bhatia, who was caregiver to her father-in-law when he developed Parkinson’s and Vonita Singh, a trained professional dancer and daughter of a Parkinson’s sufferer who has started an initiative called Movement Mantra here in Dubai.

  • Eye On Health - Post-Natal Baby Care 04.04.2017

    Emma Brain speaks to Lili Kandalaft, Founder and CEO of Malaak Mama and Baby Care, a service that offers new mothers a range of classes, workshops and services to help ease them into motherhood.

  • Eye On Health - Vaccinations 04.04.2017

    Emma discusses vaccinations. The end of this month marks World Immunisation Week and Emma talks to Dr Madit Kumar, Paediatric Consultant and Specialist Neonatologist from Mediclinic Dubai, to address your questions and concerns regarding vaccinations.

  • Colon Cancer Awareness 28.03.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined by Dr Maher A. Abbas, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month in the USA. Colon cancer is different than most cancers – it’s largely preventable and beatable which is why we are raising awareness today and sharing the message – that screening saves lives.

  • Eye On Health - Well-Being360 - 28.03.2017

    How can we help when the stresses of modern living affect us? Suzanne speaks to three wellness specialists: Justine Bain from Sandy Seeds, Andrew C. Wright from ATIC, and Dr Vishwas Chhabra from Vishwas Lifestyle.

  • Eye On Health - First Aid 21.03.2017

    Suzanne Radford speaks to Nisrine Bou Frem, First Aid Instructor from HealthBay Polyclinic, about the importance of first aid.

  • The Impact of Childhood Anxiety on Heath 21.03.2017

    Suzanne Radford talks about the impact childhood anxiety has on health. She is joined by Specialist Pediatrician, Dr Shola Faniran, from The Children’s Medical Centre and Kathryn Dixon, Special Educational Needs Teacher at Jebel Ali School.

  • "No Woman Should Die to Give Birth" 14.03.2017

    Dubai Today’s Eye on Health focuses on maternal mortality. Suzanne Radford speaks to Dr Claire Fotheringham, medical doctor and specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. Dr. Fotheringham is a medical advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières and will be sharing her personal experience as a woman who has worked on humanitarian projects in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, Uganda and Yemen.

  • Posture, Pilates, Back Pain 14.03.2017

    Suzanne speaks to Paul Thornley, certified Stott Pilates instructor trainer and advanced neuromuscular therapist based at Real Pilates JLT. Paul is from Manchester and has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. Through his martial arts and military training he has developed a real passion for doing exercise right. His teaching style reflects his personality – clinical and precise – but he delivers it with a huge slice of humour.

  • The Impact of Environment On Our Health 07.03.2017

    Suzanne is joined by Keith Littlewood, Rehabilitation and Performance Coach from Balanced Body Mind, who has worked across the world conducting rehabilitation and conditioning programs. He joins Suzanne to discuss the impact of our environment on our health. 

  • Dubai Today Live at Ibn Batuta Mall for Dubai Food Festival, 28.02.2017

    Suzanne Radford brings a packed show from day 3 of live broadcasting from Ibn Battuta Mall. Gary Rhodes, Jorge Rivero, Gregoire Berger and more.

  • Dubai Today Live from the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships 21.02.2017

    Suzanne Radford speaks to Keith O'Malley-Farrell and Kris Greene from @thephysicaltrainingcompany live from Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships. Suzanne asks "What's the most unusual thing you have done when it comes to your fitness, wellness and your health?"