Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dubai Today – Eye on Health

  • Eye On Health - Burnout 20.06.2017

    Suzanne was joined by Dr Erik Matser, visiting neuro-psychologist from the German Neuroscience Center based in Dubai Healthcare City discussing how to recognise the signs of chronic stress and burnout.

  • Eye On Health - Valerie Health 20.06.2017

    Recently the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition took place and Suzanne Radford spoke with Dr Valerie Nkamgang Bemo, development worker from the Gates Foundation Emergency Response team, who work with communities affected by natural disasters and emergencies.

  • Eye On Health - Keith Littlewood 13.06.2017

    Suzanne Radford welcomes Keith Littlewood from Balanced Body Mind back into the studio to offer advice on health and fitness and discuss whether extending wifi to every part of the earth is a positive or a negative thing.

  • Eye On Health - Summer Break Health 06.06.2017

    Suzanne Radford speaks to Specialist Pediatrician Dr Shola Faniran from The Children’s Medical Centre Dubai about how to get ready for time away from home over the summer months in regards to your family’s health. Listen for tips on managing allergies, vaccinations and which safety hazards to be prepared for.

  • Eye On Health - Riptide Awareness Week 06.06.2017

    It's Riptide Awareness Week and Suzanne Radford has Seth Chappells from Dubai Masters Swimming Club (DMSC), Martin Taylor from Aqua Sports Academy, and Jill Steinke from Safety Skills Training to teach us about the dangers of riptides and how swimming against the tide is the most common mistake to make.

  • Eye On Health - Multiple Sclerosis 30.05.2017

    We mark World Multiple Sclerosis Day and on Eye on Health we hear Suzanne Radford speak to Maha Abbas who was diagnosed with the disease aged 17. Joining them is Dr Caesar Zahka, Consultant Neurologist at Health Bay Polyclinic. 

  • Eye On Health - Health & Wellbeing for Teenage Girls 30.05.2017

    We focus on the health and wellbeing of teenage girls. We have a trio of experts in studio to help and inspire you and your girls to be active and healthy. Dr. Kate Jordan is a Specialist in Family Medicine with a special focus on Sports Medicine at Valiant Clinic, Susanne Skelding, Director of Sport at RU Active, and we welcome back Spencer Lodge, Founder of Make-It-Happen, who will be climbing Everest later this week and will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with his two teenage girls in October this year.

  • Eye On Health - Cosmetic Dentistry 23.05.2017

    Good teeth and a healthy looking smile can make a world of difference to your confidence. Suzanne Radford talks to Dr. Amer from the Dental SPA about cosmetic dentistry and the latest technology in the dental world to help you get that smile.

  • Eye on Health - Traditions of Ramadan & Healthy Fasting 23.05.2017

    As the weekend draws near, Muslims across the world will be looking to the skies to sight the new moon that indicates the beginning of Ramadan. Despite being able to scientifically predict the new moon the sighting is an essential tradition which marks the start of the holy month. Suzanne Radford welcomes Dr Farhana Bin Lootah, Specialist of Internal Medicine based at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi, and Rashid Al Tamimi, Senior Presenter from the Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding, to talk about the upcoming month of religious fasting and how to manage your fasts in the healthiest way possible.

  • Eye On Health - Skin Cancer 16.05.2017

    We have Dr. Pegah Ceric Dehdari, Specialist Dermatologist and Medical Director of Cosmesurge and Emirates Hospital, joining Suzanne Radford in the studio to talk about skin cancer. What can be done to raise awareness and prevent skin cancer and what are the best methods of early detection?

  • Health & Wellbeing for Teenage Boys 16.05.2017

    Motivating teenage boys to be fit and healthy can be difficult. A recent report from Australia claimed some teenage boys drink up to 50 litres of soft drinks in a year with boys being far more likely to visit the vending machine than their female counterparts for their fizzy fixes as well as for junk food in general. Statistics show that boys are also at an increasing risk of anorexia and depression during their teenage years.

    Suzanne Radford invites a trio of men in studio to inspire and educate you and your boys on how to get active and healthy. Robin Giles, Director of Rugby and Head of Strength and Conditioning at Dubai English Speaking College, Keith O’Malley-Farrell, Managing Partner at The Physical Training Company, and Spencer Lodge, Founder of Make-It-Happen are in the studio.

  • Narcotics Anonymous 09.05.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined by members of the UAE’s Narcotics Anonymous group. NA has been active since 1953 but membership rose dramatically after the early 80s when they published their book “The Basic Text”. The Narcotics Anonymous message is “that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live.” No distinction is made between drugs including alcohol and most importantly anonymity is protected fiercely.

  • World Asthma Day 09.05.2017

    World Asthma Day is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma with a goal to improve asthma awareness and care around the world taking place last week on the 2nd May. Suzanne Radford speaks to Dr. Elie Abdallah, Consultant of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine at Mediclinic Dubai Mall, discussing asthma here in the UAE region, and later on in the show joined on the phone by Dr Ranjan Suri, pediatric respiratory consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK.

  • Cervical Cancer Awareness 02.05.2017

    Suzanne Radford is in with Dr. Pamela Munster, Professor of Hematology/Oncology, Director of the Early Phase Clinical Trials Program and Associate Director of Investigational Therapeutics at the University of California, San Francisco. She is also a visiting consultant at Zulekha Hospital.

  • Parenting Styles 02.05.2017

    Suzanne Radford welcomes Andalene Salvesen, international speaker, author and parenting coach, mother of four and proud grandmother of 10. Andalene Salvesen has fondly become known as Super Granny and is the founder of Munchkins. We talk about parenting styles and how parents manage to balance the needs and wants of their children with their behavioural expectations as parents.